Sunflower U-Pick


October 2018

Picayune, MS

U-Pick          Progress Report - October

Deer, disease, and bad weather have ruined our U-pick patch.  See the previous page for Plan B. We hope for better luck next year.​


Clean container for flowers.

Water to drink (available $1).

    Garden gloves.

Sunglasses & hat. It's hot.

Clippers, pruners, or pocket knife.

Bring a folding chair if you need it.

Bring:  a water tight container that is clean on the INSIDE.

             garden cutters or knife or snips.

Bring:  a by-pass garden pruner or pocket knife for large sunflowers. A scissors or snips will work for smaller stems.

Wear closed toe shoes!! Watch out for ants.

Wear mud boots if it has been raining. 

Check Facebook for updates. 

Free Sunflower Seminar   -   Aug. 15, 2017

Sunflower U-pick

Fall 2018


sunscreen, sunglasses,

garden gloves, hat,

closed toe sturdy shoes

 (no flip flops or sandals)

We Do Have:

flower food packets


We Do Not Have:

kid's play area

kid's games


mowed lawn

Be Prepared​

​The ground is rough. This is a working farm, not a manicured park. Be prepared for walking! 

No pets

Not wheelchair accessible.

We do not spray for ants, bugs, bees.